Meet the IMPACT Team!

We are a group of passionate professionals who are here to help you achieve your goals.


Linda Cotton
Senior Instructional Technologist
(202) 994-0172
Multimedia producer with experience in instructional design. "Jane of all trades" photography, video, audio, graphic design, animation and interactive online modules. Deep sympathy for the technologically-challenged.


Karen Foote
Instructional Technologist
(202) 994-0338
Videographer, designer, and tech-minded person who is happy to help. I love to find creative solutions to educational challenges.


Laurie Lyons
Assistant Dean, Academic Planning and Curriculum Management
(202) 994-8376
Instructional designer and team leader. The strengths profile says my top strength is judgement--I think things through from all angles. Analytic, creative, and experienced, I hone in on the needs and goals for each specific person and project.


Alison McGuire
Instructional Designer
(202) 994-8127
Instructional designer and digital media enthusiast. I thoughtfully leverage both high and low tech solutions to meet the needs and comfort levels of faculty and students. From just-in-time assistance to total course design.